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Welcome Message from Lois A. Parso,
Cleveland USBC Youth Association Manager

I have been involved with the youth bowlers of Cleveland for over 50 years. I started in 1965 as a coach at Carousel Lanes, when I had to do all the league paperwork by hand, which was a lot of work when you had 250 bowlers. On May 17, 2005, Carousel Lanes closed and I transferred to Brookgate Lanes, where I am still running a youth program today. My granddaughters, Rachael and Julia, say no matter where we go I always see someone I know from the bowling community. I always stop to talk about all the good times we have had over the years while participating in the youth program. I will stay involved as long as I can because I enjoy being with the youth bowlers and seeing all the friends I have made over the years. Always remember what BIF means – Bowling is Fun! BIF was also the YABA mascot from 1982 – 2004. Wishing everyone many more great years of bowling!

Welcome Message from Andrea McGhee,
Cleveland USBC Youth Association President

Bowling is a game that I have held dear to my heart since I was a young girl. Throughout my bowling career, I have represented the youth bowlers of Ohio at both the local and state levels. First, as a youth leader and youth representative on the board of directors and then as the President of the Cleveland USBC Youth Association since 2010. Our youth association is the largest in the state of Ohio and as far as I am concerned, we have the best and most talented youth bowlers around!

Bowling is not only a great sport, but also a way for youth to learn about competition, disappointment, and self-confidence. I love watching youth bowlers compete in leagues and at tournaments, make new friends, and earn college scholarships, as they participate in a very rewarding experience. One of the most important life’s lessons that I learned on the lanes is that if we trust our instincts and take the proper steps, then everything else will just fall into place. So remember…always line up…release…and strike for success!

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